Hello, I'm Simpol.

Simpol Theme

Jekyll theme that's all about the content.

Minimal, clean, simple blogging.

Simpol, focus on the writing, the content.


  • Minimal design and feel. Fast-loading code
  • Simple and customizable Navigation, Index, and Footer
  • Site greeting, sub-greetings, links, logo, and more
  • All easily setup and managed in the config file
  • Clean, light-weight, default layouts for pages and posts
  • Search engine friendly! Optimized metadata (SEO)
  • Simple Google Analytics setup/integration
  • Post categories and archive page
  • Sitemap, Feed, and 404 Page

Clean and simple, like your website should be.

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Simpol Theme is designed, developed, and maintained by Scott Mathson, Mathson Design Co. Please send feature requests to simpol@scottmathson.me or tweet in-reply-to this status.